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On the night that Rosa Parks was arrested, E. At the Lincoln Memorial, King delivers the famous "I have a dream" speech. Rather than gloat or ignore these other politicians, however, Lincoln named them to his presidential cabinet, thereby gaining their expertise and skills. Wyatt Tee Walker. Eisenhower and a host of foreign dignitaries. Shirley Chisholm went on to serve seven terms in Congress and was the first black woman to run for United States president in The initial demands of the MIA for a modified system of segregation on city buses evolved into a lawsuit that called for its total abolishment. In the Chicago-based Congress of Racial Equality CORE held interracial " freedom rides " to test the court-ordered desegregation of southern bus terminals.

The conflict brought national news headlines and federal intervention, and pulled local white businessmen to the negotiating table.

Chase, and Edward Bates for the Republican presidential nomination. While King is promoting his book in a Harlem book store, an African American woman stabs him.

She had been an activist at Antioch in undergrad, where Carol and Rod Serling were schoolmates. These early campaigns made little impression.

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King was educated in Atlanta, graduating from Booker T. During the work on his doctorate, King met Coretta Scottan aspiring singer and musician at the New England Conservatory school in Boston.

President Kennedy was concerned the turnout would be less than

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Teenager Claudette Colvin was then arrested and taken to jail. After some persuasion, however, he agreed. Supreme Court outlaws racial quotas in a suit brought by Allan Bakke, a white man who had been turned down by the medical school at University of California, Davis. The organization felt the best place to start to give African Americans a voice was to enfranchise them in the voting process. The news of his imprisonment entered the presidential campaign when candidate John F. Conservative politicians, playing to a white backlash against black gains, were increasingly successful in advocating a tougher law-and-order stance to subdue protest. In King published Stride toward Freedom, his account of the Montgomery boycott. The case went all the way to the U. King's intent was to provoke mass arrests and "create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.
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