A discussion on the extent and justification of police force in our society

The result, of course, has too often been violent encounters between citizens and the police. Harris U.

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They're good and solid, not a toothpick. The department and community must be clear about the police executive's position against hate crimes.

A discussion on the extent and justification of police force in our society

However, he or she has not addressed the operational-level aspects that influence the use of force by law enforcement officers: training, peer-group pressure, informal leadership, initial socialization, and role of the union, if any. Contrast such a department with one which does not view the use of force as abnormal. An important element of accountability is openness. If an agency does not currently use this tool in the selection process, it will take a number of years for its adoption to have an effect on the organization, but it would be a positive step towards minimizing future problems. But the question of the psychological make-up of an officer--and how it should be measured--has yet to be resolved. The recruiting plan must contain relevant and measurable objectives that are monitored to ensure every effort is being made to meet them. Expanding or establishing community organizations to bridge relationships between racial and ethnic groups and between law enforcement and the community may be an important step towards improving community relations. Misinformed community members may also form erroneous perceptions of the police and their actions. Citizens investigate allegations of police misconduct and recommend findings to the chief or sheriff. This belief must be manifested in at least two ways. Due to the large number of participants at this party, people began to illegally park their cars. To accomplish the task of value-transition on one level without doing so on the other is futile, for no change in police behavior will result. Thomas was taken to a hospital, where he died. From the standpoint of addressing the problem of police-community violence, the "police society" is critical. The focus should be on training and developing a "thinking police officer" who analyzes situations and responds in the appropriate manner based upon a value system such as this publication proposes.

CRS has helped some communities develop memorandums of understanding between law enforcement, schools, and local social and community service agencies who have a role in addressing school-related hate crimes. The close examination of this process has underscored its importance.

The extraordinary infusion of newcomers can heighten risk factors for conflict because of the underdevelopment of social organization within the newly arrived population and the inexperience of existing governmental and community resources working with them. Will conciliation between the complainant and the officer be attempted?

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Based on its experience with hundreds of hate crimes cases, CRS recommends that police can initiate proactive measures before the fact such as taking actions to improve communication between majority and minority groups by the establishment of a human rights commission; establishing mechanisms to defuse rumors that may fuel racial tensions and conflict; utilizing the media as a helpful ally; implementing community policing and retaining police-community relations units in the transition towards community policing.

In addition to assignment patterns, the job itself tends to cause social isolation. City of Davis [ edit ] On April 16,what was supposed to be known as the "biggest party in history" took place at the annual UC Davis picnic.

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When the store was too crowded, he and his friend proceeded to go to another friend's house. Educational issues have been a long-standing topic of discussion in law enforcement circles. In March, Houston-area police spotted Thomas standing in a busy intersection with his pants around his ankles. The use of objective factors indicating potential criminal activity as a basis for making traffic stops may be a legitimate and effective law enforcement tool. A Police Foundation study on the use of deadly force published in noted: "In the course of this study police chiefs and administrators were asked what steps they would consider most likely to bring about a reduction in unnecessary shootings by police officers. The development of this "police society" begins with academy training or even before in the recruiting and selection process and continues until the individual becomes an accepted part of the fraternity. He collapsed immediately and was taken to the hospital much later on, where he suffered multiple injuries including temporary blindness and a permanent loss of visual acuity.
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Should police use of force be regulated? The answer isn't simple, and that's a problem