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The film that is named for him gives Ben everything he wanted. In The GraduateNichols shows this drowning visually.

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Robinson or had killed him , Nichols might have led his young audiences to feel the guilt that lies just beyond, and sometimes mingles with, triumph. Benjamin Braddock Dustin Hoffman , the clueless hero of The Graduate, was swept in on that wave of feeling, even though it is clear today that he was utterly unaware of his generation and existed outside time and space he seems most at home at the bottom of a swimming pool. The point Nichols is making is that perhaps not enough has changed, and that Benjamin cannot free himself from his society completely; he can only try, by seeing clearly and being true to himself and his own values. Robinson forbids Ben from taking out Elaine she is, for all intents and purposes, trying to prevent him from returning to his youthful tribe and keep him trapped in this simulacrum of middle age. Hoffman had never done one during his acting classes and believed that, as he said later, "a girl like [Ross] would never go for a guy like me in a million years. The two men have a nightcap together. To return to the generational tensions you guys discussed above, one of the things I find most fascinating about Mrs. Similarly, his camera has captured the exact appearance of a contingent of senior citizens, a nouveau-riche poolside lawn party, a Berkeley student boarding house, an Ivy League-type locker room, a suburban Los Angeles den. Who they rushed into marriage with someone they liked better, just because the husband found out that his wife was doing the nasty with his friends son. The graduate is a young man named Benjamin Braddock Dustin Hoffman , who returns home to suburban Los Angeles from an Eastern college for the summer, loaded with credentials of glory, and at loose ends about what to do next.

Or, at least, we would expect such a question if we could halt the progress of the film until we were ready to proceed, the way we lay a book down on our lap to mull over what has happened and anticipate what is to come. All past articles and reader correspondence are collected here.

In more general terms, the first part of the film seems to be asking what it means to be a promising young man in America today.

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The way young people and older people can have of talking past each other, of willfully misunderstanding each other, even of battling each other—a dynamic the movie so deftly captures. This universe is small, and solipsism reigns. At one level, the film proceeds awkwardly, deceptively, through a series of less and less interesting problems, sidestepping difficulties of its own authorship, until it can solve only the least interesting of them. Characters around Elaine are only seen mouthing dialogue to her, and the only character she can hear audibly is Ben. One of their principal influences was the Everly Brothers; the two duos even toured together in the early s. Hoffman had never done one during his acting classes and believed that, as he said later, "a girl like [Ross] would never go for a guy like me in a million years. His adulthood looks bleak largely because his environment offers no decent ideal of adulthood—not even a clue to what that ideal might be. The new, highly dubious couple is, belatedly if appropriately, terrified. Beatty turned the film down as he was occupied with Bonnie and Clyde. He stays underwater as the camera pulls back, making him almost disappear.

The two men have a nightcap together. Garber: Chris, you mentioned that Mrs.

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And, as Variety says, the word-of-mouth is fabulous. What murky generational politics were distorting my view the first time I saw this film? Nichols is reported to have salted his crowd with casting-agency hippies. At worst, he has fixed upon her as a distraction, exactly as he fixed upon her mother. In the end, of course, Ben rescues Elaine from the premature old age that Carl represents. Or are these clues illusory? It was kind of veiled anti-Semitism Robinson drove in toward him and grabbed him around the waist. Auster, A. For Benjamin to make their youthful hopes his own would be preposterous. For example: He nodded. They stare blankly ahead, because at last things have stopped happening at a preoccupying clip. Even the drive-up hamburger joint where Benjamin and Elaine go after their first date has a decidedly Tab Hunter vibe to it. The Charles Webb novel that The Graduate was based on was written in , but still. Many films mellow in leisurely recollection; perhaps a fine film must.

What did I want? Resents the establishment, and fights back by conforming.

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I also must mention the soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkal, it was so good and really set the tone for the movie, putting the viewer almost in a trance like state as they watch the events unfold.

Since Elaine holds so much importance to Ben, it is likely that their relationship will not be a loveless marriage like the one of the Robinsons, marked by alienation and spitefulness.

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‘The Graduate’ Review: Dustin Hoffman Stars in Delightful Comedy