A report on the reign and fall of julius caesar

His actions would shape the world around him forever. Sulla ordered Caesar to divorce his wife or risk losing his property. He turned to Marcus Licinius Crassusone of Rome's richest men.

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His new wife, Calpurnia, was the daughter of the man who would win the consulship for the next year. At that time Caesar remarried. In the mists of time, the early Romans began each month at the new moon. Caesar arrived soon afterwards and took control of Alexandria. When the city, which was what is now Constantine, Algeria, was taken all of the inhabitants were slaughtered, along with some important Roman business men. Catiline left Rome supposedly going into exile as a result of his ill treatment by Cicero and the Senate. The conquest required several difficult battles in northern Gaul and the crossing of the Rhine over a trestle bridge constructed by Roman engineers. The Romans attacked, despite the arrival of Celtic re-enforcements, were successful and captured Vercingetorix in Alesia. As a prank, the Roman politician Plubius Clodius snuck into the ceremony disguised as a woman. His lictors had their fasces broken, two high magistrates accompanying him were wounded, and he had a bucket of excrement thrown over him. That indeed had happened. Advocates of the Empire, on the other hand, highlight that the Republic was in reality a hereditary oligarchy in the hands of the wealthy patrician families who ran the all-powerful Senate with no genuine voice for the plebeians, women, or slaves. Caesar won comfortably, despite his opponents' greater experience and standing. A naval battle was held on a flooded basin at the Field of Mars. Julius had always denied -- it was one of the few charges that annoyed him -- that he had destroyed the Republic; he had only struck at the tyranny of a maleficent growth which had nothing repubican about it.

He ruled under his original name as the adopted son of Julius Caesar prior to that time. As he expanded his reach, Caesar was ruthless with his enemies.

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The three, Caesar, Pompey and Crassus, became effectively a triumvirate. Caesar turned around quickly and caught Casca by the arm. Although his own rule was unremarkable, his victory in the civil war replaced a republic, ruled by the consuls and the Senate, with an empire, reigned over by emperors and their hereditary successors.

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The Roman's cut off the water supply to Uxellodunum and the rebels surrendered. The Lucca Conference renewed the First Triumvirate and extended Caesar's governorship for another five years. The only clear alternative was military dictatorship. In February 44 BC, one month before his assassination, he was appointed dictator in perpetuity. He had them crucified on his own authority, as he had promised while in captivity [33] —a promise that the pirates had taken as a joke. The young Roman refused and escaped by serving in the military, first in the province of Asia and then in Cilicia. Rome could not yet handle its own size and power.

Again, some bystanders complained, this time at Caesar's wasteful extravagance. Victorious in Spain, Caesar then sailed to Macedonia, but he could not dislodge Pompey from his base at Dyrrhachium modern Durazzo.

Pompey then fled to Egypt.

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His alliance with Caesar weakened and ended with the two becoming bitter rivals.

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The Ides of March: The assassination of Julius Caesar and how it changed the world