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No, the authors of this book graciously provided this pathetic excuse for a female lead, a coward that is unable to fight at that, by having her get turn on when she is sexually harassed by guys.

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Additionally, the major characters' voices are indistinguishable and the villain cartoonishly evil—characterization is generally ignored in favor of more gore.

A virus so awful, that the students themselves are susceptible to it once they are of age.

quarantine book love story

I have a lot of questions about the gangs themselves too. YA freaking novels should not ask for me to give up my ideals, my beliefs, my self-respect and my dignity in order to enjoy it! Fuck no.

I was surprised time and time again, and blown away by the violence and imagery found in the pages. It is not okay to treat us like we are blow-up dolls you can satisfy yourself with as you please and we do not enjoy that. Synopsis can be found here. At least this battle for survival has gore going for it. This book got personal and insulted everything I believe in, insulted me as a woman and reduced us to mere sexual objects with no dignity that enjoy being used by men how they please. Fuck no. Last year I read Variant by Robison Wells , another novel about teenagers trapped in a school with no real adult supervision and a society made up of gangs. Science fiction.

David and the other outsiders must fight the strict caste system by forming their own clique. If I could give zero stars to this book, I would. The female-dominated groups—Pretty Ones and Sluts—reflect a tiresome woman-as-commodity approach.

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David beat Sam up for stealing his girlfriend Hilary, so now Sam hates him. Well, those are the pretty ones.

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The Pretty Ones essentially trade in sex, with their leader, Hilary, arranging girlfriends for the Varsity boys. Unfortunately, a very real Lord of the Flies scenario plays out and the students start breaking apart into groups forming tribes of their very own. Later in the novel the loners actually form a gang of almost a hundred students — where the fuck were they all hiding and how did they feed themselves? David beat Sam up for stealing his girlfriend Hilary, so now Sam hates him. The action is fast paced, with a lot of imaginative circumstances for dying or being attacked. But I refuse to leave this book without a rating because my indignation with it deserves to make an impact and if I can achieve it by giving it 1 star, I will do just that. Just being in the vicinity of one of them will cause them suffer a horrible death. For real And Will is the same way towards Lucy. His brother was not as likable but his rage was a nice attempt at complexity, even if it fell flat and he came out as irritating all throughout the novel. Ah, the old "girls really want to be sexually dominated and preyed upon". If they can provide food and other supplies, they can communicate with them, try to keep them organised and control all the violence.

I will NOT stand for this, not now, not ever. The gangs are so hostile to each other that inter-gang friendships or relationships are unthinkable.

Because while the majority of the action involves the brutal fight between the students quarantined inside the high school — a slowly unfolding mystery about the disease that forced the quarantine, and what the government is really up to on the outside lays the foundation for the rest of this planned trilogy. They also have a better chance of getting supplies when the students fight over the food drop that is delivered every two weeks. All the students are infected with a virus that makes them deadly to adults. The guys fight for their survival, the girls sell themselves and make freaking beauty products for the market of a disease-ridden school barely able to feed itself. I mean come on! Basically, in this novel, girls aren't capable of anything but being pieces of meats and selling themselves. This book is offensive, insulting, disrespectful and an indignity to the worth of women. Survival of the fittest really becomes important when it comes to staying alive. Review: They can only count on each other. I am not claiming the authors did this on purpose, but the message is there, whether it was unintended or not. And that was just the beginning.
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THE LONERS by Lex Thomas