Being misjudged

Hiding Your Emotions In an effort to be polite, well-liked, or "cool," some people hide their emotions or keep their expression neutral. Did I communicate something in an erroneous way? It sounds like this — 'I'm just calling to follow up on our conversation,' instead of, 'I'm calling to follow up on our conversation," says Baiire.

We demand respect but speak rudely and out of turn. Feel the emotions without rationalization. To my surprise, a few days later, I got a message from him stating that he thought my view on the issue was disconcerting and went on refuting what he described as my view on the subject.

I expected my friend to understand my words the way I conveyed them and not the way he perceived them. If this is an issue you've been struggling with, it could be that your habits are throwing people off.

Almost like, we can't be put ourselves together without acknowledging how someone else sees us.

experience of being misunderstood

Angela Johnson tells Bustle. Emotions are the muddy boots on your white carpet. It takes an element of selflessness and discipline to do the above, so spend some time loving yourself also.

Don't be sorry when it comes to communicating with others," says career coach Chrysta Baiire. This is all thanks to body languageand how we subconsciously read into it.

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How to deal with being misjudged.