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And so, social is kind of the perfect space really for us to be trying to tell that story. It is an opportunity not only to become a leader in the field, but to collaborate with other institutions within CMP.

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But yeah, I think there is something about that. CMNH will embrace the Anthropocene as one of its major themes going forward, using the concept as the basis for a stream of multidisciplinary research and the subject for a major topic for visitor engagement through exhibitions and programming. Hootsuite helped the team set up processes to maximise efficiency, freeing the team to spend more time creating quality content and engaging personally with followers. The Anthropocene is a term for the concept that humans have had such a profound impact on Earth that their impact will be detectable in the geological record millions of years from now. We were thinking you likely have two separate audiences, people who come into the museum and they follow you and are fans, and then people who are also fans who may never come and may want to learn about the history you share. Do you do anything with the stories, is it just images? We notice that you use long captions to describe a scene or provide a lot of context for what people are seeing. It presents and explores our new vision and mission statements see next page. And by tagging and analysing more than 1, of those tweets in Hootsuite, the Museum has been able to uncover actionable insights and improve visitor experience. Listening and engaging to build reach and relationships The Museum organised its social media team into two functions, with one group responsible for developing new content and the other focussed on monitoring, engaging, and reporting on audience insights. The audience we have across Twitter and Instagram is in the millions. We aim to develop the institution for a modern context, explore multiple avenues for growth, and leverage new and existing development opportunities. We did some really cool object pairings where every time a match was played we took an object from each of the countries that was playing and paired them up.

We try to use them to be a bit more playful, a bit more spontaneous. We feel like we are in this really privileged position of being able to offer this series of unique experiences that people can choose to come together and be a part of if they follow us and choose to tune in.

We notice that you use long captions to describe a scene or provide a lot of context for what people are seeing. It causes us to reflect on our values, ask important questions about revenue generation and operational effectiveness, and plan for collecting the information that will fill important gaps in our knowledge.

We might think of the image differently for Instagram but essentially we were sharing the same kind of stuff. The museum also exists as a revered natural history institution in a world of warming climate and reducing habitats, in which once abundant species now line halls devoted to extinction.

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British Museum Case Study