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Almost all of this funding has been arranged through lending institutions and private investors already. Guidance on what to include in each section. Understanding the goals of your plan can help you set the right scope.

Start — Up Expenditure Budget Starting a cell phone store and running it to a certain standard requires that one spend most of the generated capital. Plan for your next phase. Troy — Michigan but that we will surpass our set target and generate enough income in our first year of business that will allow us sustain and expand our business.

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Therefore, the three areas Mr. These costs are financed by both private investors and the investment of Martin-Bower.

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This section includes three key financial statements: an income statement, a balance sheet, and a cash-flow statement. It also covers overhead expenses such as bagels making equipment, as well as the purchase of a fairly used truck.

It should be noted that we expect to be operating at a loss for the first six months before advertising begins to take effect and draw in customers.

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A Sample Cell Phone Store Business Plan Template