Common courtesy and respect

courtesy and respect quotes

Respect: Respect comes from within us. If you are still not getting the respect you feel you deserve, try stepping back and looking at how you may be coming across to others.

Any customer service representative knows the importance of respect and courtesy to some degree. This kind of attitude actually attracts those exact circumstances to them, as they are expecting it, since they have prepared themselves to be ready for it.

Definitions of Courtesy and Respect: Courtesy: Courtesy refers to being polite. A pause giving time for thought was the truly courteous way of beginning and conducting a conversation. It can take time to find a genuine appreciation for people, even those who are less than friendly, but a true respect for your fellow person goes a long way in customer service.

Sometimes you may need to give respect even when you're being treated disrespectfully and discourteously.


A positive attitude can be contagious and your friendly greetings each day demonstrate your respect for everyone from the receptionist to your boss to the janitor. Speak politely, in a low to moderate tone, with patience and consideration, avoiding any criticizing, insulting, yelling, swearing or inappropriate subject matters. When we are courteous, we are not bothered about the character or qualities or achievements of the individual, but in respect it is these features that make us respect that individual. Respect, however, is different to courtesy. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Definitions of Courtesy and Respect: Courtesy: Courtesy refers to being polite. A gentleman who treated everyone with respect and dignity, humor and good will. She's always "sorry" and has some sort of excuse, but the message she's really sending is that she doesn't have much respect for other people's time or schedules.
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Demonstrating Courtesy and Respect in the Workplace