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According to this explanation27, blackness was a form of punishment, another original sin, but also an ocular signifier of an unbridle lust and a daemonic spiritual state. Jealousy Jealousy is what appears to destroy Othello. In Othello, one of his most recognized tragedies was consistently evolving around the central theme of jealousy.

In the beginning of the story, Othello has not, as yet, experienced discrimination.

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Even though, Othello is depicted differently than the other blacks, having power and knowledge, he at the end is ruined by the evil slander made by Iago. Shakespeare's language in all of his writing is incredibly forceful, but in Othello he makes a statement about the powerful impact the spoken word has on reality. Unfortunately, nobody can accurately answer this question, but Shakespeare himself, and he has unfortunately departed this life nearly four centuries ago. In addition to all this, there is another form of prejudice present in the scene besides that of racism. He is living in Venice. We have a premonition of that in 3. Anthony Burgess, a Shakespearean critic, believes that Othello's color has nothing to do with Iago He left his native homeland and his life of guaranteed luxury to live among white Europeans and be free of the innate obligations of royalty. As in racial prejudice, the fact that Othello is a moor and black has led many accusations by the Venetian about his true nature. They succeed in angering her father when they bring up the subject of race. Nearly every character uses a racial slur to insult Othello at one point in the play. The immediate attraction between the couple works on passion, and Desdemona builds on that passion a steadfast devotion whose speed and strength Othello cannot equal. Iago has noticed Othello's tendency to insecurity and overreaction, but not even Iago imagined Othello would go as far into jealousy as he did. Iago exploits all these stereotypes of blackness as a visual signifier of the eternal sin and the sexual fall from Grace, but also blackness and forbidden sex, heathenism and coarseness

Any suspicious man would undoubtedly infer that poor Desdemona was guilty of adultery. Iago often falsely professes love in friendship for Roderigo and Cassio and betrays them both.

The main theme that I will touch on is prejudice. The true friendship was Emilia's for Desdemona, shown when she stood up witness for the honor of her dead mistress, against Iago, her lying husband, and was killed for it.

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You also see many references in the play where a character will refer to Othello as being a devil or beast. Many of his plays, I must say most of his plays are made into films and being staged for thousands infinite of times during his era, 16th century and till now. Sanders, Norman ed.

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