Court observation paper essays for scholarships

However, prior to my observation of the court for this paper, I had never been inside a courtroom.

court observation paper essays for scholarships

The outside of it looked like any other building in Detroit and it was hard to tell what the building was without knowing. The trial date was set for April 11th at 10 a.

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In the courtroom Observation four law students argue the case of White vs. The courtroom was filled with an awful stench as soon as Rogers was brought in. Need help writing scholarship essay the field of writing assistance within the legal system. There is a neighborhood surrounding the court, however it is also right off of I and minutes from downtown, which makes it very easy to locate. The date of my visit was March 6th and I was there from a. The case of Rogers left me worried about young girls because if a father who is supposed to be the protector of his family is their greatest threat then who should be trusted? The bailiff then calls defendant to the stand which I a female by the name of Ashley G. He told me that he was very new to this, just being elected at the end of and sworn in officially at the beginning of She also told me that there were courtrooms on the first three floors. The bailiff called his name again and same results. I was running out of time, and your writer saved the day. Inside the courtroom, there was a picture of the Boblo Boat, a painting of deer and a fan on the walls, along with the seal of the County of Wayne behind the judge. It appeared they were just going through the motions. My reactions to the courtroom observation is that the court house generates allot of money in fines and get the community allot of committee service.

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My observations of Judge Dingell throughout the pre trials and in talking to him, was that he is very professional, organized and personal. After he introduced himself, Judge Dingell told him that his wife always told him to button his collar on his shirt before leaving the house the attorneys collar was unbuttoned.

The bailiff then calls defendant to the stand which I a female by the name of Ashley G. The building itself was ordinary, nothing to fancy.

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Words:Paragraphs: 16, Pages: 8 Publication date: June 25, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! They are a lot more player in the courthouse then the book states.

At the end of the case, Richard was found guilty hence he was sentenced to forty years in prison. I imagined how he was going to spend those years confined, and since he seemed to be in his early youth, I assumed he would die in prison because from what I hear about prisons the living conditions are ruthless and unfavorable.

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Judge Murphy started court promptly at a.

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Courtroom Observation Essay Example