Dangers of landmines

In short, it restores human dignity and promotes human security. It just takes a long time. They continue to kill civilians and even de-miners.

landmine statistics 2017

The report recommends that "countries and companies that have profited from the sale of mines should be especially required to contribute to funds designated for humanitarian mine clearance and mine awareness programmes.

IEDs are used mainly by insurgents and terrorists against regular armed forces and civilians. Anti-tank minefields can be scattered with anti-personnel mines to make clearing them manually more time-consuming; and anti-personnel minefields are scattered with anti-tank mines to prevent the use of armored vehicles to clear them quickly.

In some countries, dogs are regularly employed to find mines due to the sensitivity of their noses to the chemicals that make up explosives, though their effectiveness often depends on their bond with their handlers. The Mine Ban Convention has been a central framework for States in conducting mine action activities that led to all these remarkable achievements.

Land-mines also strike insidiously at a war-torn country's reconstruction and development. The campaign, which is comprised of 1, organizations, has returned thousands of acres of land to impoverished communities all over the world.

In some engagements during World War II, anti-tank mines accounted for half of all vehicles disabled.

Dangers of landmines

Antitank mines also prevent vehicles, including those carrying medical and relief supplies, from using the road and railroad systems. Such mines were deployed on the slope in front of a fort.

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The Hidden Dangers of Land Mines