Declaration of independence shay s rebellion and

Historical opinion is divided on what sort of role the rebellion played in the formation and later ratification of the United States Constitutionalthough most scholars agree that it played some role, at least temporarily drawing some anti-Federalists to the strong government side.

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Shattuck was chased down and arrested on the 30th and was wounded by a sword slash in the process. There was no musket fire from either side, and the rebel advance collapsed.

He received few votes from the rural parts of the state and was trounced by John Hancock in the gubernatorial election of The Declaration of Independence reflected many of the ideals that the signers believed in.

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Accessed February 18, This was not something that could be put off. Massachusetts Governor James Bowdoin decided action was needed to quell the insurrection. Some men had guns, while some carried clubs and pitchforks. Newton, Michael E. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts indicted 11 leaders of the rebellion as "disorderly, riotous, and seditious persons". He cited Vermont's de facto independence and its ability to cause trouble by providing support to the discontented from neighboring states, and he introduced legislation that broke the impasse between New York and Vermont. The need of the people was there and like the King did to the colonists, the government of Massachusetts was ignoring the most basic of needs.

Shepard believed the insurgents planned to overthrow the government. This came to the attention of Brigadier John Ashley, who mustered a force of some 80 men and caught up with the rebels in nearby Sheffield late in the day for the bloodiest encounter of the rebellion: 30 rebels were wounded one mortallyat least one government soldier was killed, and many were wounded.

Declaration of independence shay s rebellion and

It was viewed as a preview of events to come as a result of a weak centralized government. Accessed February 15, James Madison and other supporters of the Constitution initially resisted the need for a bill of rights as either unnecessary because the federal government was granted no power to abridge individual liberty or dangerous since it implied that the federal government had the power to infringe liberty in the first place.

Two were executed for burglary.

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Shays' Rebellion