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During these get togethers we would talk about how we could all improve to help out the team. LPN work at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, doctor offices, and care facilities.

In the nursing community there are also code talks that only within the nursing community one will know what it means; an example of some code talking in the nursing community is saying the word STAT when this is said from the doctor this means to work faster on what the nurse is doing, because the doctor needs more assistance.

Discourse communities and literacy sponsors are very useful terms to know while in college reading and writing in order to understand and finish the course The purpose having a responsibility in the Police Force is to show power by following the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

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Like any other kind of sports team, the freshman always had to handle all of the dirty work. In other words, I used the logos and ethos appeals to convince the upper-class-men that I belonged For example, it all started my freshman year of high school.

A discourse community differs from any other type of grouping because the design will either constrain or enable participants. As Swales explains his six criteria, you can match up and relate each one to my English class, which serves to prove that we as a class, who study writing, make up our own discourse community.

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These are the six requirement according to Swales that a discourse community must have in order to be called a discourse community of its own, and without these requirements within a community it is not considered a discourse community. The educational route is the same as a RN, but rather than stopping a NP or NA must attend another 2 year master's program to be licensed.

Discourse communities gain there members by qualification, shared objectives, training, or persuading others to join their discourse community. That is one example in another discourse community of the different ways of communication in there certain community.

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B DuBois and Booker T. Discourse communities have many similar definition to them; according to John Swales, linguist and physiologist, defines discourse communities as, groups that have goals or purpose, and use communication to achieve these goals. Thousands of years ago dancing served as a way for people to tell a story and helped distract themselves of the hardships they faced. The people from this community are trying to enhance themselves by learning the Bible. As a class, I will share the common goal with my fellow classmates to further our study of writing while achieving high grades on our assignments. FYW P30 Acquiring knowledge does not matter if the speaker or writer does not come across as a person of good sense, good will, and good intentions to other members of the community. This pattern, or rule, covers a lot of basic instances of concrete nouns, especially in story telling. Martins, Most people, however, agree that e-mail is a very common, cheap and quick form of communication which enables them to fulfill their social need of interaction. Swales, John. Many nursing students describe the test as stressful, and as a heavy load, but a lot of students pass their examination the first attempt, within 80 percent of nursing students pass the first time that they take the exam, but this is due to all these students heavy load of studying. What was originally mapped out may be recreated to accommodate any updated interests. One of the challenges I had was getting started on finding a discourse community to discuss about and what examples I can use for the essay.

This is another essential need in order to have a discourse community. Example: In this paper, I will prove that I entered the discourse community of high school band by acquiring content knowledge, establishing my credibility, and learning to sway other members of the community.

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A discourse community is made up of many different components, such as having lexis, a genre and a common goal. In other words, I used the logos and ethos appeals to convince the upper-class-men that I belonged For example, it all started my freshman year of high school. After thoroughly proving how people who study writing, my English class, make up a discourse community themselves, now I can take what Ive learned and apply it to my future. A Discourse with a capital D as Gee explains is one that you were born into, or absorb by just being around. The tears started to roll down not only in my eyes but also in all of my brothers. It seemed kind of pointless at first but it was all part of building chemistry with each other. During these get togethers we would talk about how we could all improve to help out the team. The College of Psychology students will most certainly have their own lexis that other students who are in different colleges will not have. Although every assignment was difficult at times, I managed to put lots of time and effort into every single one to get to where I am now.
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