Easy careers to write about

easy jobs that pay well

If you can land a job with a big name artist you'll get to visit major cities across several continents, but there's a lot of time on the road and not so much time to explore.

As a PI, you could be responsible for fact-finding and analyzing information pertaining to financial, legal, and personal matters.

Radio and Television Announcer Radio and TV announcers research, prepare, and present information on a wide variety of topics. Contracts can be for as little as a few months or up to a year or more.

Medical malpractice lawyers must have the scientific knowledge required to analyze medical interventions and judge whether health professionals have acted ethically and correctly.

What do you think are the best jobs to have over the next 10 years? Health educators, like biology majors, write about scientific topics like nutrition, safe sex, substance abuse, and stress reduction.

Multimedia Artist and Animator This is another field where technology and creative art come together. View Gallery 28 Photos Getty Bookseller Bookstores are the lifeblood of neighborhoods—a place to hear speakers, post bulletins, and, of course, buy books that let the mind wander past the county line.

I thought it would be most helpful to look at these jobs by their broader career fields.

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20 Creative Writing Careers