Elements of design in a play essay

It can be quite offputting.

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How do the words support the visual? Even a design set entirely in grayscale needs to be balanced and contrasted appropriately.

A bar graph is typically used to show changes in data over a period of time.

elements of design in theatre

Lastly, even the use of white or negative space in relation to text deserves attention in terms of arrangement. For instance, how might we read a cartoon version of JFK compared to the photograph that we see on our bumper sticker? Frames organize information and create hierarchy for the eye and highlight the most important information for the viewer.

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More than with any other element, textures serve as a nod to our natural environment. When the audience sees a character dressed a certain way, they automatically make assumptions about the character such as whether she is rich, poor, good or evil.

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A diagonal line, for example, has kinetic energy and movement, while a straight line is more ordered and clean. Elements of Stage Design for Theatre By Hans Fredrick ; Updated September 15, When you see a play in a theatre, there are many more elements at work beyond the actors speaking their lines. To illustrate, imagine a photograph of a handsome man, head and shoulders only, smiling straight at you with warm eyes. Mood and Lighting Have you ever put a flashlight under your chin and lit your face from underneath? The next time you watch a movie, note how the filmmaker has played with lighting to create a mood. Imagine that your old car has broken down and your Uncle Bob has announced that he will fix it for you. Via Hitron. Impressive Overwhelming?
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