Emerging trends in commerce education to

In the process the subject of Commerce itself has diversified into various allied disciplines. They challenge the unknown and continuously create breakthroughs for the future. So much so, Commerce graduates now have a wider range of responsibilities that span diverse job functions from human resources and marketing to accounts and finance to logistics and even research.

recent development in commerce

The global economy has been revitalized because of their efforts, and the world now embraces free enterprise as the most significant force for economic development. Introduction The Internet and the World Wide Web have changed our lives in many ways, making it possible to carry out a virtually unlimited number of activities from our home or office.

To believe that Commerce education now proves more popular than the pursuit of the basic sciences is difficult to comprehend for the older generation which venerated science and associated Commerce with clerical work.

Newer challenges, newer opportunities are day-by-day in front of Indian industries, which are profitable and prospective. Such a trend is a reflection of the booming economy, avers Geetanjali Purswani.

Emerging trends in commerce education to

Moreover, globalization has integrated India with other developed and developing economies and in the process also encouraged many multinational companies to enter the country.

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Booming trends in commerce education