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We spent about six hours in visiting these places. It seemed to me that the time had passed away so swiftly. At the back of the Taj Mahal runs the river Jamuna. The gleaming white marble, the black shadows, the dim light, the silence and the sweet-scented gardens on the moon-lit night made the Taj a sight never to be forgotten. When a visit is paid to a particularly important place with a view to gaining knowledge, it becomes more effective for learning. We got up early and made arrangements for the return journey. Its length is more than double its breadth. We stayed there for some time and watched the attractive sites. At first, we visited the major of Khan Jahan Ali. Related posts:. These beautiful and attractive things of Dhaka have a great appeal in the minds of the visitors of all tastes, aptitudes, and temperaments. At long last our bus reached our destination and we all got down.

Its architectural design has a special attraction for the tourists. There is a big lake-like tank in front of the mazar.

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We entered into the monastery and saw some elevated places that soothed our eyes. In the fair there was a stage where many spiritual songs were sung. There is a big lake-like tank in front of the mazar. I will remember the day as long as I live. We visited each and every part of this superb piece of art and were deeply impressed by it as a work of profound skill and art. Place and occasion: I had a prolonged desire to visit our capital city, Dhaka. The Ghoradigi is another tank which was built by the side of the Shat Gambuj. More Paragraphs and Compositions.

The excavations conducted by the appropriate authorities led to the discovery of many interesting remains during the recent past. The matter was reported to the archeological department who have since excavated and unearthed the most celebrated seat of leaning in ancient India.

There are beautiful garden and flower-bearing around this great building. It is a dream in marble, a poem in marble and a symphony in stone.

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I had an opportunity to visit the ruins of Taxila in far off North West of India. We saw some crocodiles in visit to a place of historical interest. So after the test examination is over, we visited Mahasthangarh.

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On the tombs, there are inscriptions in Arabic. It was my long cherish dream to visit the Taj Mahal and it was fulfilled last year when the school organized an excursion to Agra. We have seen all these relics of the past and learnt a lot of things about our past civilisation. We stayed there for some time and watched the attractive sites. Visit to a place of historical interest is a large interest. The Taj Mahal is the queen of all buildings in the world and it is one of the wonders of the world. Then the night fell. There are four lofty minars on all the four corners of this platform. Share via:.
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