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Mierzwiak and agreed to have the affair erased from her memory after Dr. Percy: Oh, interesting. I was on a date, actually, and it was going really badly, but the movie itself was transformative. AllMusic described it as "nearly as deft", and described Brion's score as "intimate" and "evocative of love and memories". In the documentary, Carrey commented, "That's how fucked up this business is. And she invites him to his house. Gondry in response fired the team and had the production team, including the actors and producers, place the set in the water. Both had felt the need to travel to Montauk that day, and they almost immediately connect, feeling drawn to each other despite their contrasting personalities.

Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine in reverse and experiencing their erasure, starting from the downfall of their relationship. The movie came out inand it was in But you can still find his most recent writing on environmental, world-changing stuff at the greenallianceblog.

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Kumar: [laughs] Yeah, exactly. Don't assign me yours.

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Percy: Yes, that character stereotype. So in that sense, it was a bit difficult to understand. Halloween brain candy arranged in a pattern on a pink background.

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Although Joel and Clementine do not realize it, they are former lovers, now separated after having dated for two years.

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Why Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Still Resonates