External environment analysis of unilever in bangladesh

UBL is around here in Bangladesh for more than four decades.

swot analysis of unilever bangladesh ltd

For instance, the mandatory age of retirement has been removed in both the UK and the Netherlands, which means that Unilever can no longer compel employees to retire once they reach the age of Company background and mission statement Unilever is a global company that can trace its origins towhen a merger between a Dutch margarine manufacturer and a British soap maker was negotiated Jones, They have to always keep back up for political uncertainties.

New companies are coming with innovation. National and global interest rate and fiscal policy will be set around economic conditions. For this reason, Unilever has been vocal about its preference for both countries to remain in the Union The Guardian, And for all companies macro environmental effects are same.

External environment analysis of unilever in bangladesh
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(DOC) Unilever SWOT and PESTLE analysis