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Just use the email form, write to the company, or give the brand a call to request your coupons. There are a few different contact options available — like phone, contact form, email, and letter.

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Get in touch with the company here. I put all of this into perspective, and I came to a decision Get your free t-shirt and other products here. We've always got something cooking up on our social media; please follow the links below to stay in the loop with all of our delicious promotions. Plum Organics — Coupons Get coupons from Plum Organics, which sells organic baby food, formula, and snacks. There are two different types of boxes available. Many of the products I found from small companies included their address on the package. Find the form on this page. You can write them here to ask for free coupons. Not to the same companies, not to new companies. There is no need to go overboard. I understand you would like to know if we can offer you any items to show off to your friends. Could you send me some samples? I have tried and tested many pens but your pens are the best. The company will also make sure to let you know about their most recent promotions.

A few days later a large coupon book with coupons for all types of SC Johnson products arrived. You have changed the world with your fantastic [product].

No, this is a complete waste of time. I would love to try more from your excellent range.

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Companies who send free stuff want to build brand loyalty and advertise their products. It almost seemed intentional. Revlon — Coupons Using its contact form or by phone, contact Revlon and request free stuff. In terms of ROI on your time, it's probably not worth it… … but sometimes it's nice just to say thank you to the companies that make the products you love. A six-month-old story isn't exactly "breaking news". Write Your Letter or Email Once you have your company address, it is time to write them a letter. Honest Company — Baby and household products The Honest Company, which provides baby items and household products, offers a subscription service. I have recommended your products to all my friends and they too love your products. Countless people have asked, "What's next? This company is the official supplier to the garage gym functional fitness movement. Medco Sports Medicine — Stickers Athletic trainers, or people who are studying to become one, can get a free sticker from Medco Sports Medicine. Just contact the brand and let them know you like its products. We appreciate that you are a Citizen of our great Republic. The company will also make sure to let you know about their most recent promotions.

I'll see, I am a little sceptical. All you need to do to get these free skincare products is fill out this form.

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My Favorite Freebies I emailed about companies and I have to say I do have a top five favorite list of free products I received. Thanks again and have a good day! Just mention that you want complimentary stickers, politely of course, in the comments section. You can call or write to the company, or you can just fill out its email form. I am such a fan of your company and I know that Organic Soaps always create the finest. There are samples available that range from makeup brushes to serum. Check the updates section to see what's come in thus far. And who doesn't love free stuff? Often, they will send you their products in the hopes of acquiring a new customer, or in the hopes that you will spread the word about their company to your friends and family. Simply asking for a coupon or a promotional offer is often even to get something back. Just visit this page to get your free samples. Origins — Skincare products Origins offers free samples of many of its products. You can write them here to ask for free coupons. I love the way you pack so much lavender flowers into the gel.

You could get coupons sent right to your home. That's eBay's policy, not mine. That is what I like so much about your company. Thanks again and have a good day!

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The $39 Experiment: Asking Random Companies for Free Stuff