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Until lunchtime, he suffers from stomach trouble, and constantly adjusts the height of the legs on his desk, trying to get them perfectly balanced.

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Herman Melville lived in the nineteenth century and is the representative of American romanticism. Bartleby was a completely emotionless human being who refuses to interact with the world around him.

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The narrator of history is a lawyer who tells about the law-copyists, or scriveners, which he has in his staff. Bartleby is a rather peculiar yet captivating figure. The first is Turkey, a man who is about the same age as the Lawyer around sixty. Thus, a theme emerges about alienation of workers under such social conditions and dehumanizing consequences. The lawyer also hires a man named Bartleby which makes him the boss figure in this particular piece of literature. Herman Melville was born in in New York City into an established merchant family. The narrator of this story is the lawyer.

During this time, it would be said that men and women had a certain role to fulfill. The narrator opens with a description of himself, his employees, and the fact that his business has recently grown. Initially, he represents the other staff which is working with him in the office.

These stories prove that there is a fine line between finding one's self and losing one's self. Strout 1 Herman Melville depicts the struggle for individual sovereignty in his short story "Bartleby the Scrivener"; through the actions and the attitudes of the elite narrator in the story, the deceptiveness of democracy is evident.

He is silent, about the same age as a lawyer. The first thing to note is that the story has a first-person narrator.

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This protest is characterized by politeness and unknown personal drama. The narrator, is an elderly lawyer with a small time firm who hires a scrivener named Bartleby. These actions shape the short story, picking at the viewer 's mind as to why Bartleby is disconnected from society. Even though he speaks of his compassion to his clerks Turkey and Nippers, there is a way in which he might be completely out of touch with their actual needs and real feelings. When we live outside those boundaries and follow our own desires, we are walking on thin ice. This refusal is repeated every time, even for the smallest tasks. Thanks to detail and slow plot development and reflection of the narrator Melville work allows for numerous of interpretation.

He is also described as a ghost. He even starves himself to death by refusing to eat, but in the end, the spirit of Bartleby still remains alive and haunts the narrator.

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The Lawyer tries to help both himself and Turkey by asking Turkey only to work in the mornings, but Turkey argues with him, so the Lawyer simply gives him less important documents in the afternoon.

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Bartleby the Scrivener Essay