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Did it affect how you think about the connection between the choices people made in history and the choices you make in your own life? What was the Holocaust? How did the Nazis seek to deprive their victims of basic human dignity, and how did those targeted attempt to preserve or reclaim their dignity?

Where now Vladek is now stubborn, irritable, and almost comically stingy with his money.

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At these times, students will also have the opportunity to reflect back on, and potentially modify, the initial position they articulate in this lesson. With the goal of racial purity, Adolf Hitler- along with many other Germans believed the Jews caused the defeat of their country, and led the Nazis to the elimination of Jews.

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But in order for Germans to settle in the territory of eastern Europe they had conquered from the Soviet Union in andthey would have to empty it of so-called inferior races, including the millions of Jews who lived there.

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Holocaust essay introduction

The Holocaust is remembered as a stain on history, where a massive genocide occurred. In , the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. This assessment step introduces students to a writing prompt that builds on these important themes and connects them to the history students explore later in this unit. Rose Nov. Once free, though, the Jews had to contend with local residents and partisan groups who were often openly hostile. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was the largest ghetto revolt. These people are forced to perform backbreaking labor, and those who cannot work, do not get to eat and thus cannot survive. This was the beginning of the coming Holocaust. What is the meaning of human dignity? Collect the exit cards as students leave the classroom.

In Julyrepresentatives of 32 countries met in the French town of Evian to discuss the refugee and immigration problems created by the Nazis in Germany. Overview In the first four lessons of the unit, students explore questions about identity, stereotyping, and group membership.

Ina man called Adolf Hitler became leader of the party.

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Although the Jews, political dissidents, homosexuals, and other groups targeted by the Nazis will never get their lives back, they can gain some solace from identifying the perpetrators of the Holocaust and using that knowledge to ensure it never happens again.

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An Introductory History of the Holocaust