Human impact of kashmir earthquake of

A majority of these structures were constructed of nondressed round stones with mud orweak cement mortar. Muzaffarabad and Balakot were two of the hardest hit towns in Pakistan. Devastated with heavy losses of human lives and homes, those poor people often traveled on foot from one hospital to another looking for their injured loved ones.

Four deaths were reported in Afghanistanincluding a young girl who died in Jalalabadafter a wall collapsed on her. Within the earthquake-affected zone, the post prevalent bridge type was either suspension bridges or reinforced concrete multiple span bridges.

However, a number of bridges did not suffer much dam- age and were open to traffic. Issues with concrete block construction were poor block strength, weak mortar, and lack of seismic detailing.

Many were buried under collapsed school buildings. The former, located north of Muzaffarabad, occurred in a dolomitic limestone unit that had previously failed and dammed the Neelum River for a day.

kashmir earthquake economic impacts

The rest of the money pledged, which was given to the Government of Pakistan for reconstruction and development, was used by a reconstruction authority called Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authoritywhich was made by then military regime to accommodate retired high military officials and while keeping the command of the reconstruction and rehabilitation authority directly under the military.

The largest concentration of destroyed or damaged buildings was in Muzaffarabad and Balakot. While most major roads have been reopened, there is a vast network of tertiary roads serving the mountain community in the higher elevations. Reports indicate that entire towns and villages were completely wiped out in northern Pakistan, with other surrounding areas also suffering severe damage.

Many regions faced an increasing threat of being cut off from help as snow forced closures of even more roads in the mountainous region.

Many makeshift medical facilities had been set up to help the injured.

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The Kashmir Earthquake