Humanities are not useless

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I write so that I can understand pain, humility, grief and tragedy. Of course, it goes without saying that you can be an excellent communicator and critical thinker without a liberal arts degree.

From universities, job fairs, to attempts by a bank to get teens to learn financial literacy.

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The destination for millennials to share their uninhibited thoughts. The love I had for English and literature before entering school is nothing compared to the love I have for it now.

Even Obama and presidential candidates get in on the bashing.

Are arts degrees useless

Empathy is usually the biggest skill. Humanities students also have higher rates of medical school acceptance then many science majors. Are humanities majors doomed to lives of menial jobs and reduced income? But when he talked to hiring managers at the biggest tech companies, he found a different reality. For others, it was not having acquired as many technical skills with their degree as, say, their IT trainee peers and having to play catch-up after. Source: American Historical Association One criticism of humanities that you often hear is that a humanities degree lacks direction. Last but not least, robots. A lawyer? I read because it allows me to grow, to become open-minded and knowledgeable. Many STEM jobs that are currently in high demand such as coding will soon become automated, leaving many computer science degree-holders seeking new careers. Not totally sure? A Lot, Actually As a society we place a high value on the practical nature of science and business degrees.

As we ask ourselves what studies we value and seek to promote in our society, we should have an eye to the pragmatic aspects of education. If I earn less than my science or math counterpart than at least I do so out of passion and not out of obligation.

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But pursuing a more vocational degree can come with its own risks too.

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Why a Humanities degree isn’t quite as useless as you might think