Law dissertations

Law dissertations

Usually, first class dissertations carry originality and research depth. You are to punish yourself here, lest a worse thing happen to you elsewhere. Here we have one of the chief drawbacks on the historical usefulness of the sacred Hindu laws. It appears in connection with the personage whom we call the King. There are signs of the ancient identity of the two professions in the earliest recorded usages of several races, Celts, Romans, and Greeks. Everybody is to minister to them; everybody is to give way to them; the respectful salutations with which they are to be addressed are set forth with the utmost minuteness. But Sir William Jones was even more of a jurist than a scholar, and Edition: current; Page: [4] nothing seems to have surprised and interested him more than the assurance of his teachers that, in the ancient language he was learning, there survived legal writings asserted to be of sacred origin, of vast antiquity, and of universal obligation among Hindus. The torture chambers of princes have very strongly influenced the conception of posthumous punishment, as may be seen by comparing what remains of some of them—for example, of that in the free city of Nuremberg—with a picture in which some painter of the fourteenth century gives form to the popular ideas concerning Purgatory and Hell. But the system would have been deeply tinged in all its parts with ecclesiastical ideas, and though it would possibly have borrowed some or many of its rules from older usage, it would have been very hard to detect their sources and their precise original form.

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Important chart or graphs should also be listed with page numbers.

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Note A. These last seem to me not older than the infliction of regular but originally very cruel criminal punishments by civil rulers possessing organised authority. Heaven, as is not unusual in religious systems, is but faintly sketched; but the Hells, or, as they would more properly be called, the Purgatories since they are essentially transient , are described with the utmost minuteness of detail. Some pizzazz will keep your reader engaged. Fenwick, Andrew J. The ancient Brahmanical system has been toned down and tempered in all its parts by the good sense and equity of the school of lawyers from whom this book proceeded. The series of Purgatories is, however, at last worked through, and the soul or portion of life emerges to begin a course of transmigration which may bring it again to humanity. But in these Hindu law-books they are blended together; and the sinful spirit, released from purgatorial pains, has still to pass through a succession of animal or vegetable forms before it is again clothed with a human body. If the old Manu ever composed a law-book which is doubtful , it would certainly not have been composed in the metre of the extant code. It is by favour of the Brahmans that the Gods reside in Heaven.

The study of the sacred languages of India, which has given to the world the modern science of Philology and the modern theory of Race, began virtually in the study of sacred Indian law. You may not know how to write a law dissertation proposal, but others have done this before you.

I wanted to find out what the law had to say about such a contentious topic.

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Some of these ideas are not wanting either in religious or in moral elevation; but on the whole the evil has prevailed over the good. The plan for improving the administration of Anglo-Indian justice which finally commended itself to him was one for the preparation of a Digest Edition: current; Page: [3] in English of Hindu and Mahommedan law, which should need no Pundits or Moolvies for its interpretation. Yet the meagre extant fragments of the Twelve Tables of Rome contain rules which are plainly religious or ritualistic:— Thou shalt not square a funeral pile with an adze. Such places of retribution as the twenty-first of these Purgatories, where souls wander in sword-leaved forests; the nineteenth, where they stray over rough and uneven roads; the fifteenth, where they sink in stinking clay, are probably much older than the first, or place of darkness; the fourth, or place of howling; or the places of burning, parching, and pressing together, which stand tenth, eleventh, and twelfth. Some pizzazz will keep your reader engaged. The database offers full text for most of the dissertations added since and strong retrospective full text coverage for older graduate works. It included the only lawyers, the only priests, the only professors, the sole authorities on taste, morality, and feeling, the sole depositaries of whatever stood in the place of a science.

Almost everywhere in the advancing portions of the ancient world we find that the old, generally organised in assemblies, had a large share of the public powers, and there is a survival of these ideas in the minimum limit of age which has been made the condition of a seat in the artificial Second Chambers which have been constructed over most of the civilised West as supposed counterparts of the English House of Lords.

There is perhaps a natural fitness in some of them, but others look like arbitrary assertions or wild guesses.

Law dissertation topics

You are not expected to come up with some new contribution to your field — that is reserved for the Ph. While you may not understand how to write a good law dissertation, many others have successfully done so. Nevertheless, the ancient records of many communities, especially those of Aryan speech, show us old age invested with the highest authority and dignity. The sojourn of the sinful soul in each of these places of punishment is, as I have said, always terminable, but its length is expressed in language suited to astronomical magnitudes. A gourd, a wooden bowl, an earthen dish, or a basket made of reeds, has Manu, son of the Self-existent, declared fit vessels to receive the food of men devoted to God. These include the ability to locate sources efficiently, sift through case law and assess expert opinion. Existence itself does not end, but its successive stages are terminable and transitory. Important chart or graphs should also be listed with page numbers. It was in fact from these native Hindu teachers that Sir William Jones learned, and the learned and curious all over the West were gradually informed, that in a part of the world just coming under the British sceptre there existed an ancient language, the elder sister of the classical languages so honoured in the West, a series of poems which might not unjustly be compared to the Homeric epics and the Attic drama, and laws twice as old as the legislation of Solon and the Twelve Tables of Rome. These last seem to me not older than the infliction of regular but originally very cruel criminal punishments by civil rulers possessing organised authority. Sacrifice to ancestors was certainly not unknown to the Hebrews either as a foreign practice or as a prohibited idolatry. One result which followed from them I must pass by with notice very unequal to its practical importance. But as the mass of this literature grows through the additions made to it by successive expositors, it gradually specialises itself, and subjects, at first mixed together under vague general conceptions, become separated from one another and isolated.

The duty of adopting the ascetic life, and the rules for following it, referred to in all the law tracts, are discussed at much length by Manu in the sixth chapter. Sutras are quoted which do not exist in Europe, and the loss of some is acknowledged by the Brahmans themselves.

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They are mostly of Chinese origin, and probably exaggerate but do not more than exaggerate the criminal justice administered from time immemorial in the great organised Chinese Empire and its dependent kingdoms, in which the highest importance seems always to have been attached to the deterrent effects of punishment.

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