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Note: If the title page provided by your university cannot be easily converted to Lyx. Thanks to Andrew for a couple of the ideas presented here.

master thesis template

This prints the Chapter and the Section at the top of the page. Template Example by Roy Schestowitz This is a flexible and rich starting point for the composition of a thesis. Also reset all document parameters that you do not understand.

Latex thesis template

You can find various pointers on how to do this but it never worked well for me and it was too much trouble. I am not a graphic artist in any way but I found Inkscape easy to use once I figured out how all of the tools work. Under the Modules tab, select what is relevant for your field. Use the following guide to have a good starting point. In a normal word processor this tendency manifests as losing my train of thought when I stop to format the document. Since Lyx cannot make use of native SVG files my solution was to save the figure in SVG format in case I wanted to do future editing and also export an. I used the report class for my thesis. Math Options Make sure that all packages are set to load automatically. LyX's thesis template Since version 2. Simple document defaults to get started with report writing in LyX Document class This is the most important choice. However I do not recommend this for a start especially if math fonts are needed. Also reset all document parameters that you do not understand. For instance if you need theorem environment, select an appropriate Theorems module. They are ignored when compiling from the master document.

Fonts If you need special symbols e. If you look at your document settings in Lyx you will see a long list of document classes. The files do not use a "complete" layout file, therefore, it is not a "full" template yet.

Lyx also allows you to write without having to see the LaTeX commands or worry about the document layout. Lyx is a front-end for LaTeX.

lyx template for research paper
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Thesis writing using Lyx