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In theory, both parties must receive more than what they give. Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return.

Exchange theory marketing

International markets, American markets, a shopping center, and even the site of a single retail store can be called a market. All rights reserved. Levy - "Broadening the concept of marketing", Jr. How Exchanges Work Marketing theorists consider exchange to be the central concept without which there would be no such thing as marketing. Now, marketing is viewed more as a two-way conversation between marketers and consumers. This decreases the chances that you will buy coffee from the same person again. Both parties must be able to communicate with each other, and both must want to exchange something and be able to do so.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to assess the fairness of complex exchanges, it is important for everyone involved in marketing to maintain ethical business practices, such as ensuring the quality of the product and avoiding deceptive marketing tactics.

People play different roles — friend, parent, boss, client, customer, or employee — depending on the exchange during the communications process. What Are Markets The Market is People: Since exchange involves two or more people, the market can be thought of as people, individuals, or groups.

Again you have gone through and completed an exchange process.

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Companies must also consider other consumer stimuli such as past experiences, education, health, and genetics when developing communications for certain target markets.

Parsons - "The Social System" N.

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Marketing Theory of Exchange