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As opposed to a bilingual one which is focused on helping you translatethis dictionary will help you understand the full meaning of the word you want to use.

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Entries also include information on syntactic features of valency terms, possible realizations pronominal, nominal, verbaloptionality, passives, as well as links to other entries presenting certain term mappings for an identical infinitive.

In any case, learners should be aware that, even though there's a lot of confusion among native speakers including, unfortunately, even some at universitiesmaster's degree is never wrong, but masters or master degree will be considered wrong by many people. The website is hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia.

Since many infinitives present multiple distinct valency frames, the lexicon contains over entries for infinitives. One of the distinctive features of this language is the very large number of variant forms, many of which are included in this vocabulary.

Helps in understanding various meanings and relationships between words.

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The emphasis is on keywords and examples that are either not usually found in dictionaries, or not in a sufficient variety of meanings and uses.

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