Optical media piracy in the philippines

Tianes Jean Febry F. The government agencies and instrumentalities deputized or providing assistance in the enforcement functions for the OMB, insofar as such functions are concerned, shall be subject to the direction and supervision of the OMB.

The Chairperson shall receive a salary and allowances based on current approved standardized government compensation.

optical media board chairman 2019

If, for any reason, any provision of this Act is declared invalid or unconstitutional, the other sections or provisions not so declared shall remain in full force and effect. We want to show that government agencies are working together as a team to eliminate piracy so that the Philippines will be seen as a country with strong IPR protection.

optical media board chairman 2019

Grounds for Suspension or Cancellation of License. Since they can now download, they can sell it just like the first two that we stated. They take 27 P a g e utmost care in doing this since security in cinemas are strictly doing great in capturing people like them. According to Mr. Ballano vii Contents 1 Introduction Such codes shall be applied to each and every optical media mastered, manufactured or replicated including glass masters, stampers or other parts used for the manufacture of optical discs.

Optical media board philippines

Imelda Adante, for facilitating the approval of his postdoctoral research grant application. Equipment and materials imported in violation of this Act shall be subject to seizure and immediate disposal by the Bureau of Customs. For this purpose, the Board shall have the power to issue subpoena or subpoena duces tecum to compel the attendance of witnesses and production of documents and other effects; h Call upon law enforcement agencies and the managing authorities in the economic zones for assistance in the implementation and enforcement of its decisions, orders, rules and regulations; i To deputize, whenever necessary, provincial governors, city and municipal mayors, and representatives of the national government agencies, organizations representing copyright owners, neighboring rights owners and concerned sectors to help monitor compliance with and report to the OMB any violation of this Act; j Require persons, establishments and entities engaged in the 12 P a g e activities in Section 13 to keep and maintain for a period of at least five 5 years true and complete records of all activities related to the conduct of its business. Implementing Rules and Regulations. Offenses and Penalties. The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Chairperson subject to the approval of the Board. The five 5 regular members shall be composed of three 3 representatives from the private sector, each of whom shall be appointed from an identified industry relying on intellectual property protection, one 1 representative from the consumer organizations and one 1 representative from the 9 Page academe. His term shall be coterminous with the CEO. Transfer of Funds, Assets, Liabilities and Records.

Is this a new task force by the government?

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Optical Media Board