Prison nursery

The debate over prison nurseries Not everyone believes the justice system should accommodate incarcerated mothers and their babies. WR Transfer Credit Did you take or are you planning to take a writing class at another school?

babies born behind bars

She stopped using drugs, got her GED, began taking college-level courses offered at the prison, and completed all of the programs that the prison had required her to take.

This source was used to demonstrate the rehabilitative opportunities provided to mothers in carrying out their sentences in prison nurseries. This article was used to corroborate the fact that prison nursery programs, though they seem like an expensive endeavor, will pay off later on in reduced costs and lower recidivism rate of the mothers.

prison nurseries pros and cons

To be able to watch him grow and nourish him. This has the effect both of normalizing prison as well as presumably bringing them a kind of shame that is unnecessary and difficult to escape.

nebraska prison nursery program

In Washington, 13 of the 20 beds and cribs are currently filled.

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Growing up behind bars: How 11 states handle prison nurseries