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What is more, cross-cultural differences make its interpretation and implementation difficult. Recently, the clearest source of international law has been the United Nations. Security Council Resolution of April , which served as the legal precedent for a range of initiatives later in the decade, from Somalia to East Timor. The League of Nations sought unsuccessfully to effectively outlaw war. Intense diplomatic activity ensued, culminating in a June-July diplomatic conference that resulted in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Finally, we examine some of the contemporary criticisms of international law. The primary distinction between domestic and international law is that the latter often lacks an enforcement mechanism. About 40 nautical miles away from these two island States is the tiny island of Gora, which is reputedly rich in fishery resources. General Assembly created the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court PrepCom , which held a series of sessions over the next three years.

However, the conflicts of the s made this agreement moot. For example, because much of international law is formed by the U. In order for the ICJ to hear a case, all state parties to the dispute must accept its jurisdiction.

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Enforcement comes largely through power, which means that the developed world often controls the agenda. One of the clearest appeals to international law emerged with respect to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

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The ICJ remained marginal until the s as the Soviet bloc rejected it, and Third World states soured on the idea after some early unfavorable rulings. The persons who were killed by Laurens were captured members of the security forces of the Xania government. One sign of this might be that the Western Countries are more compliant with the international laws on human rights. The trial would proceed from there. The judiciary must be balanced in a number of respects, representing: the major legal systems of the world; geographic areas; gender; and expertise on specific issues. They have the market power to punish and entice smaller states to comply. In the post-war years, the idea of a permanent court was much talked about, but was overshadowed by the Cold War and reemerged only in initially as a means to deal with the international drug trade. Both attained independence in

These principles often prove to be in tension with one another, however. This can be attributed in part to Great Power backing, but also much of international law is based on customary practice.

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Give a legal opinion as to the jurisdiction of the court over the respective defendants. The Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor s are elected by an absolute majority of the Assembly of States Parties for a single nine-year term.

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Another question is whether international laws can be considered law if they are not translated into domestic laws where there is greater potential for enforcement. Finally, we examine some of the contemporary criticisms of international law.

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