Recycling is a way to clean the planet

Not only are they wasteful and bad for the environment, they are a waste of money. First of all, the more we recycle, the more we save. For instance, recycling plastic material requires less energy than having it produced from raw materials. As individuals we have the potential to make a big difference and together we can change the world.

Ideally, try to have your business as paperless as possible. When it is absolutely necessary, print on both sides of the page. If you desperately need the convenience of the disposable diaper, use an environmentally friendly brand.

keep the earth clean and green essay

And in essence, it is. This is more cost-effective and environment-friendly because carbon emissions are lessened and energy use is greatly reduced.

5 ways to keep the earth clean

Next, spread the word to others! Reduce Your Junk Mail The average American citizen receives forty pounds of junk mail per year — forty pounds! Another benefit of recycling is the ripple effect it has on the people. Also, think about the water temperature. But nothing could be further from the truth! When you have the option, also consider purchasing package-free foods and household goods. Before we end up losing our natural resources because of the ill effects of too much garbage, we should practice reusing and recycling materials. Turn Your Computer Off Overnight If you turn your computer off every night, again you will reduce the power you use. Photo: Massimo Brega Accordingly to this BBC story the Dustbot can be summoned to your address through a mobile phone at any time of the day. Well, if we recycle paper products like newspapers and books, we can save more trees on earth.

Always Recycle Glass Did you know that un recycled glass can take up to a million years to decompose?

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How you're recycling plastic wrong, from coffee cups to toothpaste