Religion and peace in african culture

It may be done before any of the divinities, but especially before Ogun. They face each other. Finally, the covenant is affirmed by the community, by the elders, by the living-dead, and oftentimes also by God.

They carry obligations of giving and receiving. As long as there are religious insights, they should continue to inspire and challenge society to move in the direction of peace.

problems of african traditional religion

This Peaceworks builds upon and goes well beyond the book, Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding, which presented general principles to guide effective interfaith dialogue as well as profiles of some of the leading organizations in the field.

Cameroon When two people fight, the third one is the peacemaker. Kenya One does not like heat and the other does not like cold; make it tepid and still remain friends. Peace with the invisible world is necessary for peace on the visible level.

The Iraq example describes the establishment and operation of the Iraqi Institute of Peace to promote interfaith comity in that strife-torn country. Most of the cases of religious or faith-based peacemaking are less dramatic in their outcomes.

How does african traditional religion contribute to a harmonious society

Finally, the covenant is affirmed by the community, by the elders, by the living-dead, and oftentimes also by God. Peace has dimensions that stretch into the visible and the invisible worlds. An estimated ten million proverbs circulate orally, of which a small portion is available in written form. This is not an analysis about interfaith dialogue in the traditional sense of members of different faith communities meeting to simply tell their stories, share their religious convictions with each other, or seek common religious understanding. God will and does bless human measures for peace and reconciliation. We have seen that potentially African Religion is clearly committed to peace, and in various ways it undertakes ways that teach, encourage, and promote it. That makes it a challenge to the institutions of the other religions, to engrave the message of peace at all levels of life, in both internal and international relations. Sudan No matter how hot the water is, it can never set fire to a house. That program focused on compiling case studies on the sources and nature of religious conflict in such countries as Sudan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. A short list of African proverbs speaking and teaching about peace and reconciliation [13] A loose tooth will not rest until it is pulled out. These strengthen the bonds, which the rite and ceremony cement between both parties. Continuing, the same report suggests that, if there was no laying down of arms, the old women, naked and on their knees, would crawl towards the foolhardy combatants and say to them: We are your mothers, We do not want war, We do not want bloodshed.

It also emphasizes the importance of keeping issues of social justice front and center, so that religious peacebuilding does not merely make the participants feel better.

Because of the respect that the enemy soldiers had for the women, they would usually put down their weapons before the fateful acts were accomplished Posted In:. Though all employ religious approaches, these cases illustrate several methodologies.

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