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Pernia, and Stella Alabastro-Quimbo, "rapid population growth and high fertility rates, especially among the poor, do exacerbate poverty and make it harder for the government to address it", while at the same time clarifying that it would be "extreme" to view "population growth as the principal cause of poverty that would justify the government resorting to draconian and coercive measures to deal with the problem e.

Before us are several versions of a proposed bill, the Reproductive Health bill or sanitized as a Responsible Parenthood bill," said the letter released on Monday.

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Among those who originally knew of the bill, the score is 84 percent in favor, and 6 percent opposed. And these bills did not provoke heated discussions. So far, that has been the story of the RH Bill and how it plodded through the legislative mill.

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Even if the number of children per family is reduced, poverty will still be here despite the promise of poverty alleviation due to it, if the real cause is not addressed. Guttmacher Institute,

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And poor women typically utilized public health care facilities. For others there are negative health effects from late or inadequate prenatal care, low birth weight, fetal exposure to alcohol, tobacco smoke and other toxins, and maternal depression. Providing reproductive knowledge and information through government intervention is the humane thing to do. As they say, to each his own. We are the only country in the entire world still debating this. Bishop Soc Villegas added that the dialogue with the legislators was about the value of life, and he said that the legislators themselves expressed their openness to respond to the CBCP's challenge. If the former Pres. It was also the way the RH Bill was invariably reduced to a bill that provides artificial contraceptives and legalizes abortion. And I want to talk with you about how I made the book. Believe me, curiosity will get the better of innocence. What impact do you see for the RH Bill, should it become a law? The countries agreed that population policies must empower couples and individuals—women especially—-to decide the size of their families and enable them to decide by giving them the necessary information and services to carry out their decisions. The PMA condemns abortifacients that "destroys the fertilized egg or the embryo" and "abhors any procedure Noynoy for picking a fight with the CBCP.
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CBCP: RH bill a form of 'moral corruption'