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A strike is a final University disciplinary action that finds the student guilty of an alcohol-related violation. This made the Professor angry who then referred me to the Office of Student Conduct in order to ascertain the reasons of my behavior.

Complaint Procedure To be able to assure the scholars the right to redress of complaint, the OSS is responsible for a grievance method involving non-academic affair.

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Smoking will not be allowed in the University or college premises. Theft, copyright infringement or other abuse of computer time.

Classroom etiquette essay

The Department Chair as member. Providing false testimony or other evidence at a University disciplinary or other administrative proceeding. A student on disciplinary probation or harsher disciplinary sanction may not represent the University in any special honorary role, e. Possession of dangerous drugs or chemicals as defined in Republic Act No. Student housing probation or suspension Disciplinary probation. For information regarding suspension and academic appeals contact the Admissions Office. Disciplinary Procedures. At the request of either party, the University shall instruct a University student or employee to appear as a witness. All persons present at the hearing shall treat the matters discussed therein as confidential information not to be disclosed to others. Dishonest acts that did not cause damage or prejudice to Bicol University as well as those within no direct relation to or do not involve the duties and responsibilities of the respondent; and where the information falsified is not related to his office as a student leader or status as a student of this University in case of falsification of official document. A majority of the committee must be present for an appeals hearing.

The asking for party just before joining any out of campus activity should satisfy the following requirements. Only one entry per student is permitted. Malfeasance or misuse of elected or appointed office in a student organization x. Inclusive Authority A schools has a right to protect its objectives by ensuring proper student conduct.

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Garbage cans and similar containers should be used. This is the cause of stress and discomforts I am undergoing at the moment. The conditions for readmission, if any, shall be stated in the order of expulsion. Medical Certificate several. Newly discovered or newly available evidence, relevant to the issues; ii. As further detailed in Section VII, entrants agree to accept and be bound by all terms of these Official Rules and Regulations and to accept and be bound by the decisions of the Bill of Rights Institute, whose decisions are final with respect to all matters of the Contest. Section VIII — Nondiscrimination Policy In administering the Contest, the Bill of Rights Institute will not discriminate in any manner, including on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

Because each school possesses its own distinctive mission and objectives, schools may react differently with student violations. Scholastic probation is recorded on the transcript.

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Loss of or ineligibility for a student scholarship, grant, or loan. Termination of Financial Assistance 7. Harassing, bullying, intimidation, or stalking made either in person, or by telephone, in writing, or in electronic form.

It is at the discretion of the University as to whether pledges or associate members will be included in fulfilling the requirements of the sanction.

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The decision of the College Disciplinary Committee shall become final and executory unless within five 5 days from notice of the decision, the aggrieved party,not satisfied with the decision, appeals to the University Student Disciplinary Tribunal. Subsequently, I think that I should have chosen to attend classes since the first day of admission. The restriction may be imposed only for a definite term. It can be defined as following some rules and regulations in everyday works of life. The University Student Disciplinary Tribunal shall formulates rules and guidelines that will govern the conduct of the proceedings. At the request of either party, the University shall instruct a University student or employee to appear as a witness. It helps a man being punctual, confident and regular on completing his tasks and deadlines. Pre-Hearing Meeting.
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Purpose of Student Code of Conduct