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In Decemberwith the appearance of Galaxy S2, Samsung became the world's largest mobile maker. S9 was also promoted through media events so the product could receive adequate media coverage.

Samsung marketing strategy 2018

A large part of the global population can be found online and in case of smartphone users, they are the ones who remain online most of the time during the day. Closing 5. The face recognition feature is also an attraction. That is the second P. Samsung is mostly famous for its product quality and user experience but Samsung is also known for being a giant in sponsoring events. Samsung has sold more than 40 million S2 handsets since release in various countries. In , Samsung focused on mobile market and released the Galaxy S- Series that customer appreciated highly. Samsung smartphones are best in class and strongly compete with the likes of Apple iPhone in terms of market share, USP, and features. Promotion in Marketing Mix of Samsung Advertising and promotion play a major role in creating awareness about new product launches of Samsung. Price Samsung pricing strategy can be described as the combination of the following pricing strategies depending on the product range, the time of the product launch and external market environment. When it comes to video promotion, YouTube is the best social media site. This sales channel is associated with corporate sales. The entire series consists of several models many of which gained more popularity than expectations. Samsung uses competitive pricing for different products and product categories where it tries to compete with the competitors on the basis of the price of the product. As you can see, Olympic Games is one of the most famous sports events worldwide.

Finishing off 1. That is the second P. It proved to be the fastest-selling Android smartphone to date and Samsung has sold over 40 million S3 handsets in countries The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the lastest high-end smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

The next year continue with a bang as the Galaxy 2. The adjustable aperture camera is the primary attraction of the two models. It has a global distribution network including its brand physical stores.

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Marketing Mix of Samsung