Swot and pest analysis of british airways tourism essay

Macro-environmental analysis is interested in factors in the wider environment that influence the demand for the product or service offered by a company; demand for the product or service; the manner in which the product or service is distributed; the price that is charged for the product or service; as well as the manner in which organizations compete with each other Haberberg and Rieple Political Analysis The airline industry is highly regulated.

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It would also help to know the low productive sections and what are the reasons for their weaknesses or failure and what can be done to improve the productivity of the sections.

As a consequence of an probe into this by the European committee BA were fined million Euros BBC intelligence 9th November, Economic factors The economic system has had a major negative consequence on the Numberss of BA riders of late. Consumer confidence is also declining. Aircraft, airport vehicles and rod traffic to access airports emit air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, fine particles, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

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Passengers can look into in online while possible clients can easy shop the site for inexpensive tickets and trades. These airlines are banned in Europe Department of Transport Technological factors BA has managed to increase its client satisfaction springs and bounds with the aid of engineering.

With this debut BA can vie against easy-jet for this market as they offer a much better service and have a better repute.

british airways pestle analysis 2018
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Internal And External Environment Of British Airways