The big dig analysis

The Central Artery was aptly named.

big dig museum

It made archaeologists happy, paying to catalog artifacts dating back to colonial days. Swiss bridge designer Christian Menn conceived the bridge to reflect, with its inverted Y-shaped towers, the shape of the Bunker Hill Monument in neighbouring Charlestown.

However, the stainless steel panels have apparently interfered with the wireless communications system, creating unanticipated problems not yet resolved at the time of this writing.

The big dig project management

As it happened, the impact of unanticipated physical factors was often compounded by delays in making timely project decisions. The main span consists of a steel box girder and steel floor beams, while the back spans contain post-tensioned concrete. Mitigation costs, therefore, could be expected to be very high. The intent of the program was to integrate public art into highway infrastructure retaining walls, fences, and lighting and the essential elements of the pedestrian environment walkways, park landscape elements, and bridges. The budget includes substantial cost, schedule, and administrative contingencies, and the staff has almost 20 years of project experience all of which contribute to minimal decision risk. When Congress overrode the veto, the project had its green light and ground was first broken in Negotiations with the federal government had led to an agreement to widen some of the lanes in the new harbor tunnel, and accommodating these would require the tunnel to be deeper and mechanically-vented; this left no room for the rail lines, and having diesel trains then in use passing through the tunnel would have substantially increased the cost of the ventilation system. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge succeeds in linking the past and future of Boston. Another example presented by the integrated project organization IPO was the Fort Point Channel crossing, which was said to benefit from significant engineering and management effort to control cost and schedule.

When partnering with private firms for huge public works projects, state officials should closely monitor construction. The report states, "Ultimately, many motorists going to and from the suburbs at peak rush hours are spending more time stuck in traffic, not less. On the Greenway itself, grand public buildings and spaces — a YMCA, a museum, a winter garden, and botanical garden — were envisioned for the so-called ramp parcels, where traffic flowed in and out from underground.

A steel tieback that held a 40ft ceiling section above Interstate 90 eastbound had given way.

Boston central artery

By the time all parties agreed on the I design, construction of the Tobin connector today known as the "City Square Tunnel" for a Charlestown area it bypasses was far along, significantly adding to the cost of constructing the US Route 1 interchange and retrofitting the tunnel. The incident raised safety questions and closed part of the project for most of the summer of In March Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly announced plans to sue project contractors and others because of poor work on the project. The distinctive bridge is supported by two forked towers connected to the span by cables and girders. For example, when I was 19 months behind schedule, the consultant was able to recover 8 months of delay by accelerating other key parts of the project. Local businesses again wanted relief, city leaders sought a reuniting of the waterfront with the city, and nearby residents desired removal of the matte green-painted elevated road which mayor Thomas Menino called Boston's "other Green Monster ". The project had been under consideration for years, but was opposed by the wealthy residents of the Beacon Hill neighborhood. The ground freezing enabled safer, more efficient excavation , and also assisted in environmental issues, as less contaminated fill needed to be exported than if a traditional cut-and-cover method had been applied. Hauling the dirt to Spectacle Island worked well. The Central Artery, as part of Mass.
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Ten Years Later, Boston Says The Big Dig Was The Catalyst For A City Building Boom