The fight for creating one state between the palestinians and israelites

three state solution

Most important, it satisfies that deep human need to belong to a group. The area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River was controlled by various national groups throughout history.

israel palestine conflict

The Second Subcommittee, which included all the Arab and Muslim States members, issued a long report arguing that partition was illegal according to the terms of the Mandate and proposing a unitary democratic state that would protect rights of all citizens equally.

Another consideration is that the Palestinian and Israeli publics respond positively to the perceived positive attributes of the other side and responds negatively to perceived negative attributes.

Journalists One major argument against the one-state solution is that it would endanger the safety of the Jewish minority, because it would require assimilation with what critics fear would be an extremely hostile Muslim ruling majority.

Hussein interpreted these letters as promising the region of Palestine to the Arabs. As has always been the case, the complexity of the conflict reflects the complexity of the people tied to it—their histories, narratives, interests, and identities. Partition was again proposed by the UN Partition plan for the division of Palestine.

Jerusalem: The Jerusalem metropolitan area will host the respective capitals of the two states on the basis of the borders, while recognizing the principle that Jewish neighborhoods should become part of Israel and Palestinian neighborhoods should become part of Palestine.

How to end israel palestine conflict

But the plan stalled. A two-state solution typically assumes some division of Jerusalem, though that concept is strongly opposed by many on the Israeli Right. Rather, it affirms that the Holy Land has an equal Christian and Muslim character. Which is why many people favor the… Two-State Solution This plan would create two states for two peoples, Israel and Palestine. Not surprisingly, other plans apartheid, expulsion, and so on have no support among Arab Israelis. These critics also cite the Peel Commission , which recommended partition as the only means of ending the ongoing conflict. Forty years after Palestinians formally adopted the two-state solution as a goal, the project appears to have run out of steam—not because Israeli or Palestinian societies as a whole have rejected the idea, but because most Israelis and Palestinians no longer believe it is possible. Moreover, support for this agreement is partly dependent on the belief that there is indeed a chance for the establishment of a Palestinian state over the next five years. According to Ibish, if a one state solution was to happen, it would come as a result of the status quo continuing, and the end result would be a protracted civil war, with each intifada more violent in the last, and the conflict growing more and more religious in nature. It is time for a progressive one-state solution.

What would happen to Jerusalem, a city important to both peoples? The only interaction most Palestinians have with Israelis is the one imposed at gunpoint by soldiers and armed settlers. Establishment of the State of Israel, Israeli War of Independence The war, known to Israelis as the War of Independence and to Palestinians as al-Nakba meaning "the catastrophe"resulted in Israel's establishment as well as the flight or expulsion of overPalestinians from the territory that became Israel.

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