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I felt like something drove me that brisk night.

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Homer who is also the son of the miners supivisors named John Hickam. Other days there would be an absence of clouds, taking with them the imagination and creativity of discovering a figure in their shapes. Although their actions and emotions concerning the changes in their town differ, Scratchy and Potter are both very fearful of the inescapable easternizing influences. Furthermore, they set a standard of physical strength and violent self-reliance to be met by anyone who decided to settle in the West for it was a place of toughness, conflict, and courage I started this project sometime in September actually, but was so discouraged by not seeing anything in the night sky due to visibility obstructions that I postponed it for another three weeks. Secondly, the town of Coalwood socially out casted homer and his friends who where trying to help homer make the rocket to win the science fair. In October Sky, the conflict between Homer and his father, John, was in many ways inevitable. Whatever it was for, I know that everyone else around me is terrified for me. With so many organization doing great work to empower women it becomes difficult to decide where money should be distributed Especially Marie. The school science fair comes around and Miss Frieda Riley encourages them to enter. Due to the fact that many companies support funding to the academic environments in order to stimulate the research outcome to serve the public needs under the condition that the investors could have high possibility of retur

She had no idea where she was, why she was here, or who was chasing her. This tense atmosphere even made the airflow stop completely. In Octobereverything changes when the first artificial satellite, Sputnik goes into orbit. Before making friends with Homer and the other two Rocket boys, Quentin was the biggest geek in their school.

In the movie, we find Homer Hickam, an average small-town boy, intrigued by the launch of Soviet satellite Sputnik and infatuated with the idea of joining the space race and making his own rockets.

He shielded his eyes from the sun and peered toward the mountains.

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A feeling of helplnessness emgulfed her as she dwelled upon the two most traumatizing experiences of her life. The whole town is watching, but the one person Homer expected to see never showed up, his father.

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In the sky, two powerful Spiritual Energies surged out and collided with each other. Jennifer picked a couple and ate them as she leaned against a maple tree while watching mother nature take its course.

When he was confronted with obstacles that caused failure, Homer continued to try.

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