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The Person's Case was the single most significant moment in Canada's history not simply because it allowed female citizens to work in the government, but because this one case opened so many doors for other issues involving women and their rights.

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There is a moment that to me stands out among many as a time in history that shaped many things to come and changed our country drastically, the persons case. Your review has been posted.

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Unfortunately, because women were not politically active in no woman was to be elected to the Senate at this time. She fought selflessly for the rights of citizens around her and for the overall rights of all Canadian women. Cleverdon, Catherine L. At most, how many more C's can he get before he won't be able to go to UGA? In this essay, I will examine the type of feminism she represented, in addition to the contribution of the Famous 5, as well as the depictions of the fight for suffrage and the stand for electoral office in order to demonstrate the impact and influence Nellie McClung had as a Canadian woman. English language newspapers from the 's called them the Famous Five. The Court took the question under consideration on March 14th, Your review has been posted. Parlby retired from politics in but continued to be in demand as a speaker in person and on the radio. Also in collaboration with Lady Aberdeen she founded the Victorian Order of Nurses and was appointed chair of the Provincial Council of Alberta serving in this position for many years. These five great Canadian heroes persevered and did eventually reach their goal: four months after the court judgment Cairine Wilson became the first women elected to the Senate. This case has empowered women all across Canada for the past 77 years and inspired Canadian citizens to achieve great things to set goals for the future, and to continue to fight for social economic and political equality for women.

Parlby worked to change Canada for the women and children who would come behind her. The Famous Five were the women who lead the Persons Case, as well as many other victories.

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Canada's Defining Moment: The Person's Case, an essay fiction