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Although the book was strongly influenced by her childhood. When Lee was in nursery, she met a boy called Truman Streckfus. Parrots are a symbol of intelligence.

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The gripping plot with twists and turns keeps you in suspense right up till the very end, and the harsh reality of the addressed issues adds intense drama and interest to the novel. Even though there are many other characters to choose from, the most obvious mockingbirds are Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, and Mrs. This moral law has obligations. She tries to tell Jem about why mockingbirds should not be killed. In this novel Tom Robinson and Boo Radley represent the innocence of the mockingbird. Right from the beginning Scout's character and her outlook towards the behavior of the people in Symbolism in "To Kill a Mockingbird" by harper Lee words - 6 pages and impartial, in a world that issenseless, emotional, and prejudice. Ewell but outside of the city limits. The feelings and expressions dealt with in the novel are seen through the eyes of the main character, named Scout. It only makes beautiful music for everyone, never doing any harm. The happenings in this book, though it takes place in the South, have relevance to many situations, all over the world. Dubose is looked down upon because of her addiction. As Miss Maudie says, "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. Mockingbirds symbolize those who are innocent, helpful, and caring but are punished and treated badly. I consider there to be many reasons for it still to be popular today. Harper Lee chose the mockingbird for both the title of her book and as a symbol in her book.

All of these characters are really good hearted people. Throughout To Kill A Mockingbird, Lee breaks the bounds to overcome barriers, and challenge social constructs.

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It got the name mockingbird because when it sings it is mocking other birds. Boo Radley, a friendly man circulated by hideous rumors, demonstrates the theme of ostracism.

Atticus Finch, a guide mentor of the novel, explains this to his children after they are gifted with air rifles for Christmas.

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They were all unaware of what they were doing, yet believed fully in it. Once Atticus chooses to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, Scout faces many challenges and she discovers numerous facts about life. Racial prejudice cost an innocent black man, Tom Robsinson's, life, as he has been found guilty without justice. They can all be analyzed as "mockingbirds". Furthermore, the children must respect harmless Boo Radley and not tease him even though he appears strange and reclusive. This appears the essence of why Atticus knows he must try to protect the innocent of whatever kind because if he does not protect the innocent, he may lose the spirit of the mockingbird that lives in him. In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the title of the novel is very significant representing one of the most important themes and symbols which are mockingbirds. She made up a small, fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama. There are many mockingbirds, many unjustly prosecuted innocents, and each aim taken, each stone thrown is as much a sin as the prosecution of Tom Robinson. Harper Lee based Atticus off of her real father. They can all be analyzed as "mockingbirds". This novel takes place in the 's in a typical southern society. We see her attempts to bring something harmless and good into her world simply by planting bright geraniums and by trying to keep herself clean.

Dubose is in the process of getting better, people still look down upon her and frown in even though she is battling the addiction, and winning. The happenings in this book, though it takes place in the South, have relevance to many situations, all over the world.

She made up a small, fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama.

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How do they treat and contribute to the human mankind. Boo Radley, too, resembles a mockingbird because of his natural desire to please the children with the gifts he puts in the tree and his tender compassion for them when they stand outside shivering in the cold watching Miss Maudie's fire.

Pilgrims moving west ran them off their land wiping out many tribes and destroying many resources in their path.

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