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Check out this great example of an introduction from Google Ventures. Synthesize your notes and start capturing common themes. If a second researcher is unavailable for this — then videoing or audio recording an interview can be a good way to record the information elicited. One of the easiest research methods — talking to people on the street — is also the scariest one. Why do you like watching films and series on Netflix? Copyright terms and licence: Fair Use. Paid interviewees. You also want a convincing reason for choosing this technique, perhaps real curiosity, a lack of data from other sources or the impossibility of using other methods. What is a User Interview? Typing on a laptop is distracting, and requires you to glance at your screen or hands. When conducting remote e. After the release. Gather the whole company in a room and allow them to interact with data.

Again, consider the interview guide your friend and build a logical bridge between your warm-up questions and your main topic. Synthesize your notes and start capturing common themes.

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User recruitment: You can do it! They may not elicit much information. Video is particularly valuable if there is a chance that this interview turns into light contextual inquiry where a person starts showing you how they use your product or similar products. To see how users actually interact with a product, observe them in the right context, record their actions if needed, and ask follow-up questions. Ideally, your questions should elicit rich, unbiased answers from the interviewee. Do not confuse that with how they think or feel about the question in general. Also, when asking them to participate, you will inevitably tell them something about the topic and the goals of the interview. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like:. Do you use a movie subscription service? Try to make the transition from this part to your central topic smooth. Try to keep leading questions to a minimum. They lose patience. Sometimes a company will want you to talk to a few people at a time, and you may not be able to talk them out of this. Copyright terms and licence: Fair Use Preparing for User Interviews Preparation for user interviews begins with recruitment; you want to ensure that you recruit a representative sample of users for your interviews. Stay persistent with stakeholders.

Lastly, express gratitude! Create a Topline Report A topline report is a conclusion to fieldwork, its first deliverable.

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What makes it so important and beneficial to sit down and collect your reflections? Who have you worked with before? Did it act as you expected? Instead of writing a guide to the first respondents, we want to find respondents to our questions and guide. This often happens because you assume you already know the answer. Create a page about each interview participant. An interview has a well-defined and previously agreed upon topic or question the interviewer wants to understand, explore or better specify by talking to people and listening to them. Silence is a great tool, too. Interviewing works great in the early phase of developing a concept or product. When you have asked all your user research questions and got all the answers you needed, move on to the last part of the interview.

Keep it reasonably short. Final word Learning to construct accurate questions and plan effective interview sessions is an iterative process.

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How do they overcome it? At this interview, you show a product model and collect opinions. Be ready to address both situations. Active listening not only promotes better understanding but also make users feel important and heard. Paid interviewees. Guerilla or street interview. Although you may feel that doing a UX user interview is simple and straightforward, there is more to a good interview than many people realize. Learn how architects share CAD drawings with engineers, and where they feel there are challenges and opportunities. Do you like this? The ideal interview takes place with two UX researchers and one user. There are a few methods to obtain your interviewers. Try to keep leading questions to a minimum. Interviews should, ideally, be less than 1 hour long and the majority of the time spent should be the interviewee talking and the researcher listening. I often find the best information comes out during these silences. User interviews are where a researcher asks questions of, and records responses from, users.

What if I say something dumb? Plan: go deep, do a research plan and an interview guide, take into account the time and the resources as well 2. If you find something interesting takes place in an interview and there are no questions, on the script, to explore that idea… explore it anyway.

Talking slowly has a calming effect and indicates that you are not anxious and that you have time to listen.

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We also make empathy maps and user scenarios of every user interview we conduct.

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How to Conduct User Interviews for UX Research and Product Development