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It is not clear what problem the main characters face. Why Flight: See Artist profile above.

Modern fairy tale story ideas

Why Flight: I want to take this opportunity to learn more and better my skills in paint and to gain experience. I loved the lime green on this creature. One idea or scene follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions. Doesn't seem to care. A fairy tale usually teaches a lesson about excellence in conduct or character. The author has used his imagination. Some vivid, descriptive words are used to tell the audience when and where the story took place. Why Flight: I work in a school district and appreciate the extra funding going to the arts programs. Many vivid, descriptive words are used to tell when and where the story took place.

Butterflies love to come and rest on them, too. The story has a happy ending.

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The main characters are named and clearly described in text as well as pictures. My background in art started in a very different way. Fairy tales have a good and an evil character. The author has tried to use his imagination. There is one spelling or punctuation error in the final draft.

Works and gets the job done. Two colors create a story through the design and the negative space around the design. She also teaches reading and math at James Madison Elementary School in District 1, where she loves to share her interest in the arts and sciences with the students.

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I also do glass mosaics and yard art with recycled materials. The mediums are acrylics, watercolor, and oils. Her passing has fueled my awareness that kids should have essential art programs to stimulate later success in other disciplines which promote social skills, brain development, improved communication and effective learning. Fairy tales may have magic, giants, elves, witches, or fairies. Title is related to the story and topic. I have done this the year before and am happy to get this opportunity again. The story is pretty well organized. I wanted this butterfly to resemble stained glass with some of the flourishes found in arabesques on the wings. Photographs taken on site served me well in the studio. On my free time I create chalk art around Manitou Springs and colored pencil pieces.

With both dance and art, Jenna has always been interested in exploring the negative space and those nuances within. Title is related to the story and topic. My interest in art began in high school art classes.

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