Write a letter to your future self examples

You have now dedicated much of your life to experiencing new things and truly feel that is your permanent infatuation. Know that whatever decision you made, it was the right one.

I hope you asked them to tell you stories about their life, and your life with them. Do you have any regrets or mistakes you wish you could undo? It was nothing short of spectacular.

I'm chill with that. Now go on an epic vacation and buy a new outfit with your sweet bank account that you hopefully acquired by now. We experienced a great love, massive geographical upheaval, unmentionable heartbreak and the beginnings and endings of some significant creative projects well done on that doctorate, by the way.

Join thousands of people who have received the day Reflections email series and enjoyed a daily moment to reflect, smile, and think about a life lived mindfully. What did you learn from those events? She misses you too. You probably work really hard, so this is an order: take a vacation with your husband, this month.

writing about your life in the future

Do I embarrass you?

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How to Write a Letter to Your Future Self: 13 Steps