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I'd like to think that is not only true, but true of all my stories, and hence the sub-title of my book.

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This is usually used for titles. Rob: What kind of modifications did you make and why?

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You need to read up on and understand the page concepts of Verso and Recto - this is very important, particularly in paper versions of a book. I've heard that most commercial word-processors OpenOffice Writer is regarded as closer to a true DTP system , really struggle with large documents. Click OK and you will see that immediately all paragraphs that had the "First line indent" style applied are now spaced a bit apart. I certainly learned a lot from Jon about what is involved in using OpenOffice and other open source tools together to produce an e-book. The Stylist[ edit ] If you write longer texts, however, you will quickly discover that manually assigning formatting attributes to text can be a tedious task. Create a Table of Contents — OpenOffice 3. Step 3: Click Insert in the toolbar at the top of the screen and scroll to find Indexes and Tables. The final page before the text will be blank, and the text should begin on the recto or right-hand side. This took a lot of experimentation. Enter in your custom width and height. To produce a properly formatted tagged PDF, you will have to use the internal stylizing of OOo, and not just concentrate on visual output. Rob: OK.

Enter the title, your name and the name of the publisher, each centered. The Page Styles adapted more or less automatically, and where they needed some nudging they obligingly nudged. With Slipstream, the entire package, taken holistically, is the genre.

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Let's turn this document into an Adobe PDF file, a common method of distributing printed material over the internet. The reason is that PoD processes, whilst they are 'good', are not 'great', and suck a lot of the life out of complex pictures and make them look a little grainy too.

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